1. I am healthier, happier, more energetic

    *Individual Results May Vary. I turned to Melissa when nothing else I tried could help me get the extra weight off. I went to the gym religiously, worked with a personal trainer, tried fad diets, even drank Slim Fast, but I hit a plateau every time and eventually gave up. Melissa helped me get the baby weight off that I held onto for 2 years and I cried as I put on my pre-baby clothes. She encoura…Read More

    Bethany Nevin
  2. I’m 27lbs down

    *Individual Results May Vary. Hey Melissa! I can't begin to thank you for all your support & motivation. You have truly inspired me to be healthier and all around better myself. Every day I look forward to your quotes and words of wisdom. Every question and doubt I ever had you answered and got me through it. You pushed me out of my comfort zone and I couldn't thank you enough for that. I bega…Read More

    Naomi Seifert
  3. She goes above and beyond

    *Individual Results May Vary. 2 years ago I saw my friend Melissa Pipitone after not seeing her for some time. She looked absolutely amazing! We had given birth only 2 months apart and she looked wonderful while I was struggling. I asked her what her secret was? She told me there was no secret she ate clean and did at home workouts. I began asking her many questions. Not only was she informative a…Read More