She goes above and beyond

*Individual Results May Vary.

2 years ago I saw my friend Melissa Pipitone after not seeing her for some time. She looked absolutely amazing! We had given birth only 2 months apart and she looked wonderful while I was struggling. I asked her what her secret was? She told me there was no secret she ate clean and did at home workouts. I began asking her many questions. Not only was she informative and knowledgeable, she was inspirational and motivational. There began my journey to a healthier lifestyle. Every step of the way she was always encouraging me. Even when I didn’t believe in myself she believed in me. Last January after she had seen my success she asked me to become a coach. She has completely changed my life. She always enforced that it wasn’t a diet it was lifestyle change. Those are words I live by today. When I felt like I wanted to give up or I couldn’t do it she was always there to push me through. Without her as my coach, mentor, and friend I wouldn’t be happy with myself as I am today.   She is truly an inspiration. What she has done for myself and so many other people is immeasurable. She goes above and beyond the call of a coach.