1. Why You Need an Online Personal Trainer Part 2

    Now that it’s a brand new year, you have the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your dreams and goals. Whether you have reached your goals, are still working toward them, or have given up, at i Get Fit, we have an answer to help you move forward. Have you considered getting a personal trainer? Maybe you think it wouldn’t be worth it. We at i Get Fit are here to help you realize that an online p…Read More

  2. Stay Happy and Fit This Holiday!

    The holidays are full of things that make us gain weight - cookies, candy, pies, few exercise opportunities, and stressful family get togethers. However, there are ways to find balance during the holidays. At i Get Fit, we are here to help you stay on target and feel good about yourself. In this blog, we are going to provide a few tips for staying sane and fit during the holidays! Set a goal Make …Read More

  3. Welcome to Our Fitness Blog!

    Welcome to the i Get Fit blog! We are a team that fully understands the many challenges you face when you are trying to get fit. i Get Fit is built on years of dedication and experience. Our founder, Heather, has spent years learning how to overcome these challenges. She is dedicated to sharing all she has learned with you! There are two major ways you can benefit from the sweat, blood and tears H…Read More