1. Why You Need an Online Personal Trainer Part 3

    All the resolutions around January can be as stressful as they are inspiring. Many people do not bother to make resolutions because of this fact. At i Get Fit, we have discovered that fitness works differently for each person. That is why we are so passionate about being your online personal trainer. You’re bored Maybe you’ve been exercising for a while, and you’re tired of doing the same th…Read More

  2. Why You Need an Online Personal Trainer Part 1

    Well, it is January! It’s a brand new year full of opportunities. Whether you make New Year’s resolutions or you think they’re pointless, January is still a great time to re-evaluate your habits and remember your dreams. Maybe you’ve gone through this process in previous years. Maybe you have tried and it did not work. Have you considered getting a personal trainer? Even better, an online …Read More