Welcome to the i Get Fit blog! We are a team that fully understands the many challenges you face when you are trying to get fit. i Get Fit is built on years of dedication and experience. Our founder, Heather, has spent years learning how to overcome these challenges. She is dedicated to sharing all she has learned with you!

There are two major ways you can benefit from the sweat, blood and tears Heather has poured into achieving fitness:

  1. Training for fitness
    • Heather and her team provide not only personal training, they also offer the recipes that form the essential second half of healthy fitness. When you sign up to train with i Get Fit, you will be ushered into a new lifestyle that will produce lasting changes. All you have to do is bring your dedication and willingness to try.
  2. Becoming a personal trainer
    • Whether you have achieved your goal body or not, you can begin learning to be a personal trainer. This is an extremely empowering path to take, because you will find yourself becoming far more fit than you would have expected simply by helping others.
    • When you work to become a personal trainer with i Get Fit, you become part of a dynamic, elite team of trainers who are constantly growing, supporting one another, and aspiring to higher levels.

i Get Fit is your home for life-changing fitness. We offer everything you need, including meal plans and recipes. Join our team and let us work with you to help you achieve your goals!