The holidays are full of things that make us gain weight – cookies, candy, pies, few exercise opportunities, and stressful family get togethers. However, there are ways to find balance during the holidays. At i Get Fit, we are here to help you stay on target and feel good about yourself.

In this blog, we are going to provide a few tips for staying sane and fit during the holidays!

  1. Set a goal
    • Make this goal realistic! A great idea is to sign up for a race or event in January or February. This will provide you the motivation you need to eat healthy and work out over break. If this does not work for you, find another way to motivate yourself. The sky’s the limit – it all just needs to fit you.
  2. Schedule your exercise
    • This is important year-round, but it is especially important during the holidays, which are chaotic and stressful. Make some time to meet with your online personal trainer from i Get Fit, and you’ll love the benefits.
  3. Stay on the cardio
    • Because cardio strength fades faster than muscle strength, make it a priority over the holidays. Now, we know weather and schedule may make it difficult, but even a short walk or playing in the snow will help. Do your best and stay in touch with your i Get Fit personal trainer for encouragement and accountability.

The key to getting through the holidays is to avoid an ‘all or nothing’ mindset. You have the right to enjoy the holidays in a way unique to you. Contact your online personal trainer for support and encouragement!